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We apologize to hear of this inconvenience. Before we can move on to investigating your errand, we kindly ask you to contact the shipping company that has delivered the parcel so that they can make their own investigations. This may help you locate the shipment and will be necessary for us to take your errand forward. Kindly also provide us with as many details regarding the errand as possible so that we can make a thorough investigation. Thank you!

Our apologies to learn of this. So we can help you as quickly as possible, please upload a picture of the incorrect item that you have received through the 'attach files' segment below. If there is something missing from your shipment, please do NOT throw away your packaging. Instead, please take a photo of the packaging and explain what was missing from the shipment. Make sure you capture all sides of the box and everything in it. The shipping label also needs to be fully visible in one of the photos.

If the package you have received was empty, you must contact your local UPS or FedEx as soon as possible to notify them of this. If something has happened during the transport, it is important that they make their necessary investigations. Please include any information about this exchange when contacting us or get back to us with it when you have submitted your request.

We’re sorry to learn of this! Please include detailed pictures of the damage through the link below so that we can make a thorough and detailed assessment of your case.

We're really sorry to learn about any damaged goods. So that we can help you as quickly as possible, please make sure to attach/include pictures of the damaged product and if applicable the packaging. It is easily done at the bottom of this contact form. Thank you.

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